Jay Johnson
Internationally renowned speaker with over 1 Million views on TEDx talk about how to handle difficult people.
Not only does he have over million views on You Tube on his TEDx talk, but he was among the best-graded speakers from last year’s Summit as well. Since our attendees showed a great interest in hearing him again, we had no other choice but to engage this miraculous human behavioural expert again! Jay’s niche is behavioural and organizational development, and he has given keynotes and workshops in 19 countries across 4 continents, empowering audiences with a unique perspective on behaviour, communication, and leadership. Explore human behaviour laws and learn how to anticipate people’s reactions to adopt the situation’s best response.
x2 Beginner Courses
About the Workshop
The Art of Handling Difficult Clients

This year, Jay will host the workshops aiming to explore the depths of human behaviour while empowering you to understand behavioural psychology and improve customer experience. You will leave the workshops with the essential foundations of Behavioral Intelligence as an innovative approach to handling demanding people.

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