Kotryna Kurt
Consultant & Speaker who will get you familiar with all LinkedIn tips & tricks.
Kotryna Kurt is the founder of a consulting company called Linkedist, where they help other businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn marketing and advertising. She is also an active contributor and content creator on LinkedIn, where she mainly talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing. For the last two years, Kotryna has delivered more than 100 workshops and helped various accelerators educate startups. She is mainly interested in startup ecosystems, investments, MarkTech, and digital marketing.
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About the Workshop
LinkedIn Marketing
Kotryna will share her insights about LinkedIn Marketing and Sales, as well as how to turn it into profitable leverage for your business. LinkedIn is not only a place to show your resume, but it can work as your sales tool, which helps you generate new potential clients and actively message them. All of that works only if you are using the right online sales strategies and connecting with the right people later turning them into paying clients. The speech will cover the following topics: Personal Branding, Sales Strategies on LinkedIn, and Cold-outreach Messages towards potential clients.

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