Paul Anderie
Digital-Transformation for Retail, Consultant & Speaker who will not get you closer only to the tech, but more important - to the people.

Paul strongly believes that a click on an e-mail is not just a click - a click on an e-mail is the beginning of a customer journey! More than 10 years of experience in Digital Transformation makes Paul a great asset to our team of Booking Manager Summit speakers! His professional portfolio filled with various clients, starting from big names and their digital transformation weighting more than €5+ Million to small local shop owners. After leaving his workshops, you will be able to make plans for your business’s digital strategy makeover and know-how of marketing automation with an emphasis on the most frequent automation tool - Mailchimp.

x1 Beginner Course
x1 Advanced Course
About the Workshop
Mailchimp Marketing for Yacht Charter

Many don’t even realize that Mailchimp is more than a “simple” email marketing tool. In his workshop, Paul will go into numerous features of Mailchimp, primarily focused on automation. It will teach you how built-up automation saves you a great deal of time and makes your everyday life much easier. You will walk out the hall confident in your marketing automation skills and ready to use them in your yacht charter business.

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