Ivica Žuro
Latest Technology and High Resolution Virtual Walks.
Ivica is an experienced financial professional with track record in connecting subjects with funds and finding new ways for growth. As an independent consultant with specialization in Financing, Business Management and Management Consulting, Ivica also has a strong creative side in terms of implementation of new types of presentations using high resolution photography and digitalization into virtual reality models, including augmented reality. Throughout his carrier he believed that the most important practice would be: No matter how good you are in your business – one should always strive to present and promote it in modern way with up-to-date technology.
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Digital Models and Virutal Walks for Yachts
Ivica will share information about new trends in presenting by using high resolution digital models and virtual walks with augmented reality. Insights that he will share, regarding the fluid virtual tours through yachts, will be shown based on a motor yacht Ivica has filmed, as well as inserted all the information in the model. Digital model obtained by high-res capture is lifelike since it uses top-notch technology. In addition, there is a possibility to highlight items by pointing out and linking additional media content.

This workshops will be in English.

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