Jessica Chapplow
Specialist in Digital Transformation- Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Augmented Reality.

Jessica advises clients across the Luxury industry on embracing emerging technology, and consulting on the implementation of best practices for innovation. She has also written several thought leadership pieces and has delivered keynote presentations on how these transformative technologies will reshape the current and future marketing landscape. Jessica holds an MSC degree in Machine Learning and is a passionate advocate for ethical data use and reducing algorithmic bias to achieve responsible AI.

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Digital Transformation
Jessica will familiarize you with the latest technological trends and improvements like voice technology and machine learning platforms. This workshop's primary goal is to learn how to benefit from new technologies and integrate them to create a brand's success story. Chapplow is setting new imperatives for a successful business with her lectures such as "Heartificial Intelligence: How AI is Humanizing Businesses". Her workshop will show you recent technology trends you should strive to improve the customer experience and tailor the service to meet their needs and preferences.

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