Kristijan & Andrea
Kristijan Iličić & Andrea Trgovčević are passionate travel bloggers and influencers who know the importance of social media.
Kristijan is a travel blogger and video maker who visited more than 100 countries and he is not planing to stop any time soon. With a wide audience and significant number of followers, Kristijan is "Best Travel Blogger in Croatia" for 3 years in a row.
Andrea is often Kristijan's travel companion and the two have a huge impact in the industry. They are a power couple with an amazing energy, and we look forward to hearing their perspective and all the great tips and tricks on increasing the visibility and engagement on social media networks.
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Importance of Social Media with a Case Study.

For this Workshop, Andrea and Kristijan have prepared a Case Study based on an example of the impact Social Media has. We did an experiment, where the two have enjoyed 3 days sailing with a skipper.

The effects of this Social Media campaign will be presented with the data and the statistics on how their have effected the rise and higher engagement of audience as well as new followers.

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