Hannah Goldberg

Two years ago Hannah was an LA girl with a regular nine to five, rent to pay and a dog to walk then she decided to transform her life and follow her one true passion - Sailing!

She sold everything she owned, applied for a crew position on a sailing yacht and posted her first video on that new social media platform - Tik Tok! What happened next could be a plot of a blockbuster! She went viral, her account blew up overnight making her a TikTok sensation with millions of eyes following her Sailing Adventures across the globe!

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About the

The Power of Viral Content

With millions of users social medias are the place to promote your business, but it is extremely competitive , yet some people seem to go viral with every piece of content they put out!

Is it just luck or is it a combination of knowledge, timing, audience analysis, keeping track of trends and the right amount of interaction?

Learn all of this and more with Hannah!

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