About the Speaker

Nick and Terysa, Sailing Ruby Rose

Sailing influencers with over 100 000 subscribers that share their worldwide sailing adventures and promote sailing to new audiences.

Nick and Terysa are sailing enthusiasts that uprooted their lives to start an adventure of living on board of a sail yacht and travel the world. They decided to share their journey and experiences by creating weekly videos for their YouTube channel. The channel quickly blew up gathering a community of over 100 000 enthusiasts that keep on coming back to enjoy their sailing content. Along the way a simple video journal turned into a successful business and opened up many unique opportunities for Sailing Ruby Rose while promoting sailing as a form of recreation and ideal vacation to new audiences.

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About the Workshop

Reach New Clients with Sailing Influencers

Nick and Terysa will introduce you to influencer marketing a new marketing form worth $5-10 billion dollars in 2020. They will explain how the collaborations work, how to pick the ideal influencer to work with, the services they can provide you and how to measure ROI of the campaign. The workshop will include case studies of their personal collaborations with charter companies and give you a step by step campaign overviews and a clear idea how you can use influencer services to boost your business, reach new markets and attract new clients:

Collaborate with Influencers

Create Successful Influencer Campaign

Measure ROI