Andy Preston
Renowned Sales Motivational Speaker with top-notch Sales Tactics.
Top Sales Expert in the UK, Andy Preston (voted by Originally a Professional Buyer, then the #1 Salesperson in the UK for his industry is joining us again. Andy helps salespeople and companies become #1 too - through his revolutionary 'Stand Out Selling' system - which Andy will share with you in his speech. Andy has personally trained more than 130,000 Salespeople in 42 countries how to Stand Out from their competition, win more business, and do so even at a higher price. And now he will show you how to do the same - don't miss his session!
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About the

The New Rules of Selling for 2023 (+ Beyond) for Yacht Charter Companies

In this session Andy will talk about:

  • Why You HAVE To Change Your Sales Approach For 2023 + Beyond
  • The Mistakes Yacht Charter Companies Are Making RIGHT NOW That Is LOSING Them Business
  • How To Get Clients To Choose YOU, And No-One Else!

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