Andy Preston
Renowned Sales Motivational Speaker with top-notch Sales Tactics.
Booking Manager Summit 2021 is proud to host one of the top sales person in the UK, Andy Preston, who will honour us with his keynote speech. Andy surprises his audience with practical take-away lessons, while his motto is sell more, more often. Having been a professional sales speaker and trainer for 11 years, Andy has personally trained more than 60,000 salespeople, in 16 countries in order to increase their sales results. He shows what techniques and understanding sales people need to adapt in order to sell in today and tomorrow’s marketplace.
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About the Workshop
Stand Out Selling
Andy's keynote speech will discover top performers' secrets in sales, ways to exceed sales targets, and sustainable sales performance. Andy speaks with great passion and inspires the audience to take on new challenges and turn challenges into opportunities. Great examples and practical advice will make Andy's presentation exciting and valuable for all attendees.

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