Damir Hoyka

Damir Hoyka

Founder of Fotosofia


Let your Photos Tell (Sell) your Story

In English
Hall Jelenovac
18 November
11:30 - 13:00
Hall Zelengaj
18 November
16:00 - 17:30

About the Speaker:

Damir Hoyka is one of the most famous Croatian photographers and his work is recognized worldwide. He has published thousands of photographs, put on a number of multimedia projects, founded a seminar for advanced photography named Fotosofia, and has been a member and president of numerous photo juries.

His work made headlines in media and received many awards. Due to his expertise and many years of experience Damir was a part of big TV projects such as "Next Top Model".

About the Workshop:

Photography workshops will be hands-on. Damir will teach you about the basics of photography such as lighting, framing, perspective, etc while guiding you to take the best pictures with your phone. You will learn from your own experience touring around the venue taking pictures and improving your skills. You don't need the most expensive equipment you just need a skilled mentor to guide you through the process and Damir will provide just that.

The valuable tips and tricks will help you implement your newly acquired skills into your work and improve your brand with breathtaking visuals.

Damir Hoyka