Sales Trainer

Daniel Disney

Founder/CEO of The Daily Sales

UK, London

Social Selling - Sell More Everywhere

In English
Hall Maksimir
19 November
10:00 - 10:50
Hall Zrinjevac
19 November
15:00 - 15:50

About the Speaker:

There are very few Social Selling & LinkedIn experts that have achieved anything near what Daniel has achieved.
He Was named the #1 Most Influential Sales Expert on LinkedIn in the World.

Daniel has one of the largest audiences on LinkedIn which is growing by thousands. His content reaches millions on a monthly basis and in 2018 his content reached over 164,000,000 people!
Daniel has also generated £millions in sales revenue directly from LinkedIn over the years and continues to utilize the latest social selling methods to grow his business The Daily Sales.

About the Workshop:

From Cold Calls to Social Platforms

At the Booking Manager Summit, he will share the recipe for his success and teach you how to use all your social platforms to drive more sales.

His workshops will show you the power of using traditional selling methods combined with modern selling techniques of the digital era. In an upbeat, intense 1 hour session Daniel will both entertain you and give you new ideas on how to create and implement selling strategies and boost your sales through the roof.