Katica Reljanović
Partner, Head of the Tax & Accounting department

Katica Reljanović

UHY HB Ekonom


Charter Taxes in Croatia

In Croatian
Hall Zrinjevac
19 November
11:00 - 11:50
Hall Maksimir
19 November
14:00 - 14:50

About the Tax Advisor:

Katica is a certified tax advisor, specialized for tourism, charter and travel agencies. She is the only one who has managed to hold annual educations on the topic of taxation in charter business in Croatia for four consecutive years.

She is a Partner at UHY HB EKONOM d.o.o. for audit, accounting and tax advice where she can provide information on charter taxation in 99 different countries in cooperation with all members of the UHY network.

About the Workshop:

The Tax workshops for Charter in Croatia

At two workshops, she will provide you with precise information about charter tax policies in Croatia.

Workshop: Taxation Point for Charter Activities

  • Is the service you are providing categorized as accommodation or rental under the Value Added Tax Act?

  • Where is the place of taxation of charter activities depending on the place the boat is actually put at the disposal of the customer and/or where the boat is actually sailing?

  • Which charter companies have to register for VAT purposes in Croatia?

 Workshop: Tax Aspect of Damage and APA

  • Are cancellation fees VAT free and under which circumstances?
  • Are damage fees VAT free and under which circumstances?
  • APA and VAT in Croatia

This workshop will be in Croatian.

Katica Reljanović