Jim Sterne
Expert in Marketing Analytics and Machine Learning strategies

Jim is an experienced professional specialized in public speaking and consulting, but also stands out as a writer. He will honour us with the keynote on how to compete with the big systems and companies, while comparing past, present and future as times for business environment.

x2 Beginner Courses
About the Workshop
How to Compete with Market Leaders?

Being small offers the opportunity to be nimble. But what tactics are going to ensure your online marketing gets results? Jim will navigate through three must-continue marketing methods from the past, three must-have marketing methods in the present, and the rocky shoals of the future of yacht charter marketing. He'll sail through tips and tricks about tried-and-true brochures, direct mail, and the telephone, do a deep dive into getting the most out of email, social media, and prospect targeting, and then offer a lifeline in the wake of the tsunami of Artificial Intelligence methods to come. Jim promises all further mangling of nautical jargon will be jettisoned.

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