Natalia Zhukova
Head of Marketing and Market Research at SEMrush
Natalia is the Head of Marketing and Market Research at SEMrush, an online visibility management SaaS platform. She is a data-driven marketer focusing on market research and strategy development. With solid experience in digital marketing, Natalia has a passion for SEO and content marketing, researching digital marketing opportunities and discovering new opportunities for business growth.
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SEO Marketing

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Competitive Benchmarking

Evaluating business and marketing performance is more complex than you might think. Internal data can only reveal so much, while benchmarks - industry and competitive - can unveil much more than your historical data. Internal performance indicators can show a twofold traffic growth and an inflow of customers from new channels compared to similar periods year-over-year (YoY). Yet, the market or your competitors might be moving at a much faster pace. And if that is the case, you should always be aware of it to maintain a competitive edge within the market. This presentation will guide you by gaining insights into your performance level within the industry to help you focus on further improvements and set more relevant goals.

Market Analysis Done in Under 60 Minutes

Whether you’re crafting a thorough go-to-market strategy or reevaluating an existing business, market analysis is at the heart of any future scenario. It would help if you ran in-depth research, but you don’t always have to bury yourself in complex business and market models to understand the market landscape before choosing to enter it or diversify. During this workshop, you will uncover how it can take no more than an hour to estimate market size and composition, note the most visible trends, and outline the market segments to make your further work easier.

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