The panelists, as top destinations representatives will present potential solutions to the biggest problems in yacht charter world and explore future market needs.

Panel will gather industry representatives from different markets to give their own opinions, perspectives, and ideas on the topics defined by you! Each and every attendee gets to pick the key topics that are important to you and the panelists can respond with their first-in-mind thoughts and solutions!


  • Anne de Vries - Tubber
  • Max Barbera - Barbera Yachting
  • Goran Ugrinić - Instant Sailing
x1 Panel Discussion

About the

Burning Issues in Yacht Charter Industry

In an ever-changing landscape of Yacht Charter industry there are many challenges that need to be addressed, the pricing compared to current economic state, geopolitical climate and its effects on yachting industry, expanding the offer to new locations, approaching the new generation of clients, and many more.

It almost feels unfair to only discuss a few of these hot topics so the 5th edition of Charter Panel leaves it up to YOU!

Get involved, gain visibility and shape the narrative that will result in an open discussion of many industry players!

Sponsors & Partners Sponsors & Partners

Summit brings together numerous yacht charter experts from all over the world, with an aim to exchange ideas and experiences to enchance their overall business performance. By sponsoring the event, you are presented with a unique opportunity to promote your company to a large number of charter professionals. Be recognized as a contributor to the development of the yacht charter industry. To learn more about participating in this global event as a sponsor, contact us at your convenience, and we will provide you with all the information about our tailor-made sponsorship programmes.


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