Ante Mihaljevic
Oxford Certified Business English Coach
Ante has an MA degree in English and Croatian language and literature and the Oxford Certificate in Teaching Business English. He dedicated his career to perfecting verbal communication in English, combining business culture with a unique methodology to bring value to each conversation. Using his extensive knowledge and years of experience Ante guides you to transform your communication potential into an attainable goal.
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About the

Crafting Business Communication

The Art of Casual Conversations

Casual conversations are challenging because they are based on improvisation and require a certain "flow" that is hard to attain especially if English isn't your first language. Ante's lecture will give you a "structure cheat sheet" designed to help master the art of casual conversation in English. Discover how to keep your communication integrity, both in formal business situations and the more casual ones to build your professional appearance.

Fierce Confrotations

Once the basics of the language itself were established it is time to master the skills of having conversations you are trying to avoid. Learn how to successfully communicate in situations all participants are trying to "sweep under the carpet". Get tips on how to break bad news and how to come up with the best possible outcome by effectively communicating!

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