The panelists, as top destinations representatives will present potential solutions to the biggest problems in yacht charter world and explore future market needs.
Once again Booking Manager Summit will gather leading representatives in the industry to answer these questions and give their insights on the topics, as well as provide YOU with an opportunity to get involved, ask questions, give suggestions and voice your opinions.


  • Vlaho Hrdalo - Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Ornela Krezic - Green Sail
  • Dragana Buzdovačić - Sunlife
  • Pinar Erzin - Most Sailing
  • Luka Kalember - Ban Tours
  • Saša Jovetić - Maistral
x1 Panel Discussion

About the

AI, Crypto & Sustainability in Yacht Charter Industry

The world has been going trough changes extremely fast. It is mind boggling to think that internet was made public only 20 years ago . Now AI can generate anything you can think of by just a simple prompt while you can pay for your morning coffee with crypto.


As the globe is going trough digitalization at unprecedented pace the talk of digital society is no longer sci-fi. Meanwhile, our real-life environment is paying a toll and individuals as well as businesses are becoming more aware of their impact and investing resources into sustainability.


  • How do these changes affect the charter industry?
  • What are the use cases of AI in charter business?
  • Is crypto a currency that will have significant relevance in chartering?
  • And how can companies reduce their carbon emission by making sustainable choices?

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Summit brings together numerous yacht charter experts from all over the world, with an aim to exchange ideas and experiences to enchance their overall business performance. By sponsoring the event, you are presented with a unique opportunity to promote your company to a large number of charter professionals. Be recognized as a contributor to the development of the yacht charter industry. To learn more about participating in this global event as a sponsor, contact us at your convenience, and we will provide you with all the information about our tailor-made sponsorship programmes.


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