Katica Reljanović
Katica is a certified tax advisor, specialized for tourism, charter and travel agencies.

She is an Expert for audit, accounting and tax advice. Her financial expertise includes years of experience in successful consulting Crewed charter clients.

x1 Beginner Course x1 Advanced Course

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VAT OSS: Application in Yacht Charter

At what point does OSS becomes viable for your VAT reporting or handling your payment obligations and will you need a local registration? What else will you need to bear in mind for registering with the OSS and going through the procedures? All of these questions will be answered and more by Katica during her workshop.

Workshop will be in English.

Uvođenje EUR-a: specifičnosti u charter djelatnosti (CRO)

The aim of the lecture is for Croatian charter professionals to facilitate their daily business and learn all the relevant info about the transition to EURO.

Workshop will be in Croatian

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