Roman Martin is an experienced photographer with a deep understanding of key elements needed in the creation of 360 virtual tours for Yachts.
In 2012 Roman joins Photo Workshop Adventures, a premiere Photography Adventure company based in the United States. PWA offers adventures in over 100 destinations in over 50 countries. In 2016 he became a Vice President of the Photo Workshop Adventures working more closely with management and marketing. Most recently he started to create 360 Virtual Tours, which are fully customised and filled with various interactive options, which added up to providing charter clients with a full scope, immersive experience.
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360 Charter Awareness

Roman will use his know-how in photography and combine it with his experience in major yacht charter projects which included 360 Virtual Tours for fleets. He will elaborate in detail on the process as well on the benefits and challenges companies encounter on implementation of 360 technology. Ultimately, he will explain how to leverage Virtual Tours to provide charter clients with a high-quality decision making experience.


Photography with Mobile Phone - Workshop

Roman will teach you about the key elements of photography such as focus, framing, lighting and perspective. He will guide you through the process and teach you how produce quality photos for promotion using photos from your boats, regattas, boatshows or other events. Through this interactive workshop you will find out everything you need to know about capturing the perfect photo in active consultation with an expert. Learning from your own experience at the this workshop will improve your overall photography skills. You won't need state of the art equipment you will have a world renowned mentor to guide you through in each step of the way!


Sponsors & Partners Sponsors & Partners

Summit brings together numerous yacht charter experts from all over the world, with an aim to exchange ideas and experiences to enchance their overall business performance. By sponsoring the event, you are presented with a unique opportunity to promote your company to a large number of charter professionals. Be recognized as a contributor to the development of the yacht charter industry. To learn more about participating in this global event as a sponsor, contact us at your convenience, and we will provide you with all the information about our tailor-made sponsorship programmes.


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