Founder and CEO of Booking Manager

Marko Gnjidić

Booking Manager


API - Automate, Power, Increase - Your Bookings

In English
Hall Jelenovac
18 November
15:00 - 15:50

About the Speaker:

Marko is the CEO of MMK Systems and the creator of Booking Manager, world's largest yacht charter network. As a creative thinker and a pioneer in developing unique solutions for the yacht charter industry Marko will show you how to use all of the benefits of MMK API and improve your business even further.

About the Workshop:

Booking Manager API for fleets and agents

As an indispensable part of charter sales channel, the primary use of Booking Manager API is to power online booking and boat listings on most agencies’ websites. However, it is also used to automate processes such as crew list registration and bookkeeping within companies.

Since BM API has so many capabilities and is used very widely, naturally there are many undiscovered features that can boost its’s effect. So in this workshop you will learn how to optimally use the power of Booking Manager API to automate your charter website and speed up your work.

You will learn about the benefits of new exciting API features, important tips and tricks and answer your practical questions.