Management Advisor

Scott Gould

The Engagement Academy


How to be an Engaged Seller

In English
Hall Maksimir
19 November
16:00 - 16:50

About the Speaker:

Scott Gould helps change makers and organizations to get people highly engaged around their mission. He created a simple model that is presented in his book, The Shape of Engagement, which codifies how people engage with ideas, products, organizations, and each other.

As a management advisor, he has helped some of the world’s biggest brands and oldest organizations nurture highly engaged customers, employees and communities, leading to powerful changes in the way that those people think and act. His book deconstructs and demystifies engagement through a series of shapes, based on a decade of research and practical experience across a range of sectors.

About the Workshop:

Do you believe that you could close many more deals if you had been more engaged? Selling is a complex process and each customer demands an individual approach. Therefore, being engaged and getting your clients engaged makes the biggest difference in results, both for an agent and a charter operator.

  • How to create game changing selling model
  • How to really listen to your potential clients
  • How to convert leads to customers
  • How to present the best of your selling potential