About the Speaker

Alex Blackwood

Alex specialist in Improving Sales and Corporate Communications and worked with companies like PVH, Philips, FujiFilm, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, UBS, Uber, Calvin Klein, Cisco, LG.

Alex has done keynotes for Nike and Ultimate Software sales kick-off. Also, he hosted events for BearingPoint management consultancy and performed at tech founder events in Amsterdam and the UK. His accomplishments include winning multiple awards in 2019, including Prix d’Argent Best Mentalist (Stars of Magic, France) and Mentalism Award (Dutch National Championships 2019). Alex has performed at the highest levels, including working with CEOs of billion-dollar companies and has delivered TED talks.

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About the Workshop

Sales Psychology

Participating in Sales Psychology workshops will help you understand the importance of recognizing peoples behaviour in business communication and will show you how to make sales more efficient. Alex will cover up steps of successful communication, including:

-How to use persuasion, influence and body language as your advantage

-How to recognize clients needs:
-upsell extra services before guests arrival
-upsell on the spot at the check-in day

-How to deliver the right message

-How to upsell optional extras in charter arrangements