About the Speaker

Jay Johnson

Internationally renowned speaker with over 1 Million views on TEDx talk about how to handle difficult people.

Jay Johnson is specialized in behaviour and organizational development. He has given keynotes and workshops in 19 countries across 4 continents, empowering audiences with a unique perspective on behaviour, communication, and leadership. His 2018 TEDx talk that introduced the concept of Behavioral Intelligence as it applies to Dealing with Difficult People has nearly 1 Million views and has helped to establish him as an authority on human behavior in the workplace. Discover the laws of human behavior and learn how to anticipate people's reactions and how to adopt the best response in a situation. Jay will host a keynote on the topic of difficult people and how to handle them in a way that will lead to the best outcome for both yourself and the client.

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About the Workshop

The Art of Handling Difficult Clients

Behaviour is at the root of all success and failure. So make sure you attend the workshops that will give you the necessary foundations of Behavioral Intelligence as a new approach to dealing with difficult people. Jay will host 3 unique sessions and empower you to understand behavioral psychology and improve customer experience:

Mastering Behavioral Intelligence

Human behavior in the workplace

Implementing strategy on dealing with difficult people