About the Speaker

Paul Anderie

Digital-Transformation for Retail, Consultant & Speaker who will not get you closer only to the tech, but more important- to the people.

During his 10 years’ of experience in Digital Marketing, Paul has worked with amazing clients big brands as well as small local shop owners. He successfully managed the digital transformation for companies with yearly revenue up to €5+ Million, creating for them digital marketing strategy, marketing automation management, digital workshops & coaching.

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About the Workshop

Do More With Mailchimp Automation - A Practical Guide To Digitally Deliver 10x Growth

Find out all the tips & tricks on how to get the attention of today's media consumers and turn them into your customers. That's where Online-marketing and digital Growth comes into play. Paul will teach you how to determine your target audience and get with the right message at the right time. In his unique upbeat style, he will discuss:

- How to create effective mailing strategy

- Targeting the right audience

- Choosing the prime time to send your e-mail