About the Speaker

Scott Gould

A passionate speaker who demystifies the concept of engagement, demonstrating how how to stop worrying and start winning.

Scott Gould educates and inspires market players to get clients highly engaged around their mission. He created a simple model that is presented in his book, The Shape of Engagement, which codifies how people engage with ideas, products, organizations, and each other. As a management advisor, he has helped some of the world’s biggest brands and oldest organizations nurture highly engaged customers, employees, and communities, leading to powerful changes in the way that those people think and act.

x1Beginner Course
x2Advanced Courses

About the Workshop

Engaged Selling

Attendees will leave knowing how to engage with customers in a way that will make trustworthy and highly beneficial business relationships:

  • Beginner Session will introduce you with all the tips & trick on how to make an engaging pitch that will help close more deals and build evolving business relationships
  • The advanced session will define how companies can position themselves and build engagement in their brand, helping them move out of the competition on price alone.