Boris fosters innovation powered by the latest technology and AI. He uses relevant customer thought processes to help you nurture long-lasting business relationships.

Boris Šurija is the founder of Behave, better known as one of the top talent in the field of business psychology in Europe. In 2017, he received a nomination as one of the TOP 35 under 35 EU innovators by MIT. In 2015, he also participated in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davons. In 2020, together with his team, he achieved global recognition by winning the prestigious award for the best CX project in the world with Deutsche Telekom.

He also helps organizations in reaching their business goals by shaping the behavior of both internal and external users.  Boris’s newest innovation involves the co-founding of Lexi. hr, a specific platform for psychologically appealing and business-efficient communication powered by AI. Understanding the psychology of writing is key. Now more than ever, the success of businesses is closely tied to letters. 

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Business Psychology Meets AI

Boris’s keynote will give you insights into psychology of writing.

A positive message can result in a download, while a negative one may lead to complaints. A single comment has the power to cause a revolt, as seen with #hashtag (#metoo) can cause a revolution. How to write for the mind, why the word “honey” recall to the word “money” and what it means for me or for you.

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