Tony Morris is a keynote speaker for International Communication and Best-selling author of 5 books. He is recognized and rewarded seller that will inspire you to create your unique sales strategy.

Tony Morris is a respected contributor to the prestigious publication “Forbes” and founder of an International sales training company. Together with his team, he has mentored and empowered over 50,000 sales professionals, across 60 diverse industries to perform at the top of their game.

He is also well-known as The Sales Conversion Strategist who specializes in helping Sales Leaders to enable their sales teams to increase conversions at every stage of the sales process. On his podcast “Confessions of a Serial Seller “, he has interviewed the top 100 sales performers from around the World, seeking to understand their unique strategies for gaining an unfair advantage over their competitors. Tony has codified the common threads between them and shares those observations in his training.

Tony’s sales superpower is he conducts LIVE sales calls on stage to his audiences’ dream prospects and most importantly, he gets results.

x2 Keynote

About the

Inside the Mind of a Serial Seller

During his workshop Tony will share 5 of their common traits and demonstrate how you can implement them into your business.  

TakeAways :

  • Learn the #1 strategy to consistently be on your A-Game
  • Understand the 2 mistaken rules of rapport
  • Learn the art of killer questions
  • Understand how to turn on your opportunity antenna
  • Develop an unbreakable mindset

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