Sofija Ana Zovko is an editor, translator, and director of the company s.wordfish

Upon completing a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, she founded s.wordfish out of a desire to introduce a new approach to copywriting, editing, and translation. s.wordfish offers creative language solutions for brands and companies.

The services include translation, editing, content writing, content improvement, and creative consulting. Using creative writing tools and skills, s.wordfish helps brands develop their language, identity, and story.

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Creative Language Solutions for Branding

When considering how to present your brand, an often-overlooked aspect is the language and tone used. There is a difference between whether you, as a company, are selling kitchen appliances or luxury yachts. This distinct difference should be reflected in the tone used for communications, marketing, and branding.

The question to ask yourself is, what tone are you trying to emulate for your brand? How can you develop a brand “dictionary”? In this talk, we look at the way language can aid branding and the best creative tools to use when developing your brand language.

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